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Comando Party was born with a single purpose:

GET YOU CRAZY on the dance floor!



Past Concerts


Diobar, Barcelona
Fiesta Major de Poble sec, Barcelona
Street Food Van Van - Bacanal, Barcelona
Absenta del Raval, Barcelona
BlackLab, Barcelona

OFF TALENTS / Mercat De Música Viva De Vic,


Festival Nouvel An Boukrave

The Commando

Style : Gypsy / Balkan Beats / Tropical / Global Beats / Oriental
/ World electronic Music
Party people: 2 artists
Based in : Barcelona, ES
Territory : World

Comando Party is the result of many collaborations between Dj Grounchoo and Patrice Komlanz (multi-instrumentalist and producer) playing together in different festivals around Europe and producing songs like: "Viens dans ma vie" and "Disco Sidi Mansour".

Owned by their alter-egos, Dj Grounchoo and Patrice as Captain Party , Comando Party breaks the dance floor with Balkan, Latin, Oriental and Electronic World Music rhythms, plus an incredible show that the audience will NEVER forget!


Bio Patrice Komlanz (Multi-instrumentalist)


Crazy French multi-instrumentalist, born into a family of musicians in classical music.

Since he was 10 years old, he plays trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, guitar, bass and percussion. He has played opening for famous artists such as Goran Bregović, Emir Kusturica and Trombone Shorty with Balkan music bands such as: Flying Orkestar (10 years), the Fanfare Couche-tard (5 years) and Attentat Fanfare! (7 years). He has also toured the UK, Spain, Czech Republic, India, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and France among others. His deep love for music has led him to the composition and production of 3 albums: "Miss America", "Balkanize me", "Attentat Fanfare!" where he has mixed various styles such as Balkan, Classical, Electro and even Heavy Metal .

As an instrumentalist of Comando Party, on stage, Patrice displays a powerful and crazy energy, innovating with unexpected dances and improvising excellent live music.

Bio Vincent Bernat (Dj Grounchoo)

Multidisciplinary and hyperactive artist with a voracious eye for photography and a very sharp ear for music. As a DJ Grounchoo has more than 500 performances around 16 countries, such as: Brazil, Turkey, Czech Republic, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Spain, France among others. In addition, he has played in prestigious world music festivals such as Sziget Festival (Hungary), La Mercè (Spain), Etnosur (Spain), Welcome in Tziganie (France), Balkan Traffik (Brussels), Jazz à Nice (France), Göteborg Balkan Festival (Sweden).

In his set, we see his fascination for world music, especially Balkan, Oriental and Latin music. Among his main productions, we find the songs: "Çilli" (2021) released by the Spanish label @Mamboz, "Viens dans ma vie" (2022) released by the British collective @Gouranga and "Disco Sidi Mansour" (2023) released by the Canadian label CosmoVision Records. Apart from his musical work,

Vincent is the creator of the "Balkan Party! Barcelona" and the "Balkabarna", the first Balkan music festival in Barcelona, as well as producer and resident DJ of the only Middle Eastern electronic music party with live performances in Barcelona, called "Yallah!".

In the skin of the Comando Party Dj, Grounchoo releases all the music and crazy vibes that the genie has put in his magic lamp. 

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